For satelite navigation the postcode for Terminal 1 is TW6 1AP

Open since 1968, Terminal 1 of Heathrow airport is used mainly for domestic flights to the UK and Ireland, with some European destinations.

Check in 
Terminal 1 check in desks are situated on the 1st floor of the terminal
The information given below regarding the check in times is given as a guideline only and is subject to change, check your tickets or get in touch with your carrier for up to date information.

Long Haul Flights –  3 hours before departure time
European Flights- 2 hours before departure time
UK and Ireland  – 1 hour before departure time

Self Service check in 
As well as the check in desk, self service is available for a limited number of operators although the number offering this service is increasing all the time. Using self service avoids standing in queues, saving time and is simple to use and safe, allowing you choose your seat and get your boarding card. The self service can be done online or check in kiosks at the airport depending on the airline

Airport Kiosks 
The following airlines provide kiosk self service at Heathrow Airport terminal 1, near the standard check in desks.

  • Aer Lingus
  • BMI British Midland Note (Standard or BMI tiny fares must use self check in Kiosks)
  • British Airways
  • GB Airways using the British Airways kiosks.

Online Check in 
The following airlines provide online self service check in from Heathrow terminal 1

Check in now with

Boarding is usually around 45 minutes prior to take off, but please check the monitors scattered around the airport regularly to get details of the correct departure gate and boarding time.