Heathrow airport shopping is aimed to be part of the holiday experience with stores enticing you in with top named brands at duty free/ tax free prices after you’ve passed through security. The goods range from your typical travel accessories to designer goods aimed at the fashion conscious tourist. As well as your regular items such sunglasses, perfume, cigarettes and alcohol, Terminal 5 has introduced a whole new trend in shopping with aimed at the high end traveller with Tiffany & Co’s first European shopping outlet selling a select choice of designer Jewellery, diamonds and watches.

The introduction of Terminal 5 used exclusively for British Airways has increased the retail outlets for Heathrow by 50%.

Arrivals area duty free shopping

London Heathrow Airport offers extended  opportunity for duty free shopping from international arrivals with the introduction of the World Duty Free shop in the arrivals areas.  The stores located at all terminals  has a good choice of items normally seen in the departure duty free shop at tax free prices. Tax free products include perfume, aftershave, electronic and electrical goods, together with cigarettes and  alcohol.

Collection service

A great way to make the most of the duty free shopping is to use the free Shop and collect service offered by BAA available to travelers flying within the European Union, where you can shop before your trip and collect it on the way back, not having to worry about carrying your items around, getting damaged or lost.  All you need to do is inform the sales assistant that you want to take advantage of the Shop and collect service and collect your receipt. Your goods will be kept safe for you until your return and you will be able to collect is at the suitable collection point.

Futhermore there are some stores who take this one step further and offer a home delivery service. The charges for this service are extremely reasonable with a one off charge of approximately £5 which is charged at the 1st shop you purchase goods from.  After this additional items can be purchased from around the airport up to 30 kg and they can be all added to your 1st order and will be delivered in in one package.