Heathrow Airport and surrounding areas offer a wide range of car parking options and the price you will pay will depend on a number of factors including how long you are stopping, how far in advance you book the car parking , the company that you are booking with, the location of the car park, the days of the week you wish park, whether you book by phone or book online, do you require meet and greet service. If you take all the factors into consideration you could save yourself as much as 70%.

The majority of parking at Heathrow Airport is off site where you will usually be transferred from the secure parking location to the airport.

Drop Off/ Pick up

Short Stay

Each terminal has it’s own short stay car park and is aimed at business users and travellers on short trips for a couple of days. They are quite expensive but are very convenient located on Heathrow Airport complex.

Terminal 1 has an arrivals and departures short stay car park which are located on the left after you go through the airport tunnel.

The 2 short stay car parks are Departures “Car Park 1A” and “Arrivals car park 1”.  The Arrivals car park is nearest terminal 1 and although it has no direct access it is easier to get to than the larger and newer departures car park which does have direct access.

If cost is a consideration over accessibility and you are stopping for longer than 5 hours, Business and long  stay car parking is better for the budget.

Terminal 2

Business Parking

Meet and Greet Parking

Park and Stay