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Harmondsworth-l-heathrowIf your looking for an alternative to a hotel in the Heathrow Airport vicinity why not try one of the many Bed and Breakfast on offer. Staying in a bed and breakfast offers a comfortable stay in homely surroundings, while away from home. Service during your stay is usually second to none as the reputation of the B&B ensures repeat business, reputation and survival of the business in this competitive industry.

Food is usually to a very hogh standard and givesyou the chance to eat some great home cooked meals with guest receiving a more personal touch and more options. The facilities of the accommodation are often far superior to those of standard hotels.

Booking Bed and Breakfast/Guesthouses has never been easier with many allowing you to do online 24 hours a day, but still accept bookings over the phone if this is your preference. If you have not booked online make sure that they will accept credit/debit cards as asmall percentage may still require cash.