Airport Security

It is better to be prepared airport security measures before your journey begins, this includes knowning what you can take and how to check in. Knowing this can save you time and inconvenience. The security measures at airports are in place to keep you safe so please folow the advice given.

Drinks are allowed through security if they are 100ml or under. They can be carried in cans, bottles, plastic containers and cartons, but must be carried in a resealable clear bag. After security drinks can be purchased as normal.

Solid foods are allowed through security, but foods with liquid such as soups and casseroles need to be put in a clear plastic bag, this may be the same bag as you drinks. If the foodstuff has over 100ml in, it cannot be taken through

Baby Products
Only the essential items needed should be brought with you on the trip, Cleaning wipes are allowed as well as powdered baby food. If you have other baby products such as baby milk, sterilised water, juice or baby food in liquid, paste or gel form, you willl be asked to do a taste test. Children will need to be removed from pushchairs, buggies and prams before going through X ray machines.  Baby car seats are allowed on the plane and are not classed as part of your carry on bag allowance.

Electrical Items
Items such as laptops will need to be removed from it’s carrying bag before security and screened seperately, this may also apply to smaller items such as MP3, CD, DVD players. Mobile phones and cameras can be screened whilst in your pocket or carry on bag.

Cosmetics and Toiletries
The 100ml rule is also enforced on most cosmetics and toiletries such as aerosol products like hairspray, creams, roll on deodrants, sun tanning products, lip gloss, lip balms, liquid soap, toothpaste, mascara, contact lens solution.

Hand Luggage

Hand luggage allowances are determined by the airlines so check with them before departure to ensure you are not over the allowance. The airlines policy will reflect not only the number of bags you will be able to take on the plane but also the weight of the bags. The dimensions of the baggage are set at a standard (check with airline as some policies require baggage to be smaller)
56cm(22in) Height
45cm (17.7in) Width
25cm (10in) Depth.

Any baggage to be carried onboard will be subject to X-ray screening. The following list is a guideline only as security policies are subject to change

  • Laptops are not required to be removed from bags anymore at Heathrow
  • Remove any object that contain metal including coins, mobiles phones, keys and coat and place in plastic tray that will be provided
  • Place any liquids that are less than 100ml in a see through re sealable bag and place in tray
  • Place hand baggage on conveyor belt to be screened
  • Baby buggies and walking aids also require screening through the X-ray machine
  • Wheelchairs will be subject to extensive security screening

It is advisable to place any valuable items in your hand luggage to help

Taking liquids onto a plane

carrying liquids that can be taken through security and includes baby food, drinks, suntan cream, perfume, after shave cosmetics and toiletries including deodorants.

  • 100 ml is the maximum size of container for carrying liquids
  • The liquids items must be placed in one re-sealable transparent plastic bag when going through security, these are available at the airport from the vending machines.
  • All of the items must fit inside a bag no larger than 20cm x 20 cm(8in x 8in) and the bag most close correctly.
  • Bags containing the liquids are to be placed separately from other items to be screened by security X-ray
  • It is advisable to place all liquid containers larger than 100ml in you hold luggage or they will be confiscated
  • The only exception that are made to these rules are medicines where you will either need to taste it or provide a doctors letter and baby food and milk which you will be asked to taste.

Items not allowed on Plane

Any item that is deemed to be dangerous cannot be taken in the plane in your hand luggage, this includes any sharp or pointy items.

In general the following items will not usually be allowed on the plane

Not allowed with hand luggage
Razor blades
Knives with blades of any length
Household cutlery
Hypodermic needles (unless required for medical reasons)
Knitting needles
Sporting bats
Billiard, snooker or pool cues
Toy or replica guns (metal or plastic)
Not allowed in aircraft or aircraft hold

Party poppers

Christmas crackers
Cigarette lighters( only one butane fuelled lighter allowed)
Non Safety macthes