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Heathrow Guide | A guide to Heathrow Airport - Hotels - Car Hire

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Guide has been  designed to aid travelers to and from Heathrow airport providing information about the getting to and from the airport by Train, Bus, Car and public transport.

Heathrow Airport opened in 1946 and has become the United Kingdoms largest Airport and the worlds busiest international airport and is only 24km from London center.   Heathrow  has 5 Terminals and flies to  187 destinations in 90 countries worldwide with over 90 airlines making the airport there main base. Nearly 68 million people a year fly in and out of Heathrow with New York being the top destination. Heathrow is the main hub for British Airways,BMI and Virgin Atlantic and the airport caters to a wide variety of passengers incuding business users, leisure travelers, families with children and travelers with special needs.

The original designs of the airport had six runways, but only has two at present. Plans are in progress to build a further runway which have been granted by the government to keep up with increased demand although there is plenty of oppostion against this. Terminal 5 was completed in March 2008 which is run and operates only BAA flights. The opening of this terminal has allowed flights to be moved fromTerminal 2 which has allowed Heathrow East to be built which will replace terminal 2 and terminal 1 which will be demolished, this is due to be completed by 2014. Refurbishment of terminals 3 and 4 is also planned during this time.

Heathrow Hotels

The Heathrow guide website offers a range of services to the traveller, from Heathrow Hotels, car hire, parking to visitor information. Hotelsare priced to suit all budgets with great discounts for travellers wishing to include parking with your hotel. For great deals try arranging your stay at the weekend from Friday to Sunday night where prices are greatly reduced due the fact there are no businessmen or conferences on at this time . Nearly all hotel chains have a hotel around the Heathrow area with the vast majority are along Bath road where the hoppa buses and free local bus services operate